update 2018-01-18
Crucenius thermal
The Crucenius thermal in Bad Kreuznach is the most beautiful spa in the region. This evening Waleria has the entire bathing area with indoor and outdoor pools and 32° warm water all to herself.
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update 2018-01-15
River Mosel, DVD Nadine 2005
Nadine drives with the car through the Mosel valley. Her destination is the sand beach at the old monastery ruin, directly in relation of the "Calmont", the steepest and most well-known vineyard of Mosel. But Nadine is not so much interested in the vineyard, but rather in the pleasantly warm water of the Mosel, which invites to a water walk along the bend of the sand beach.
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update 2018-01-11
The beginning of the summer
The summer is still young and the weak sun has warmed the water of the river only slightly. For Amira now it is early summer time and this must be celebrated with a swim in the water near the dam.
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update 2018-01-07
Fabienne, SVCD 2004b
There are some good waves at the beach today. Fabienne plays with the force of the water and lets herself be floated and rolled over by the waves. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2004b and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2018-01-03
Jeans skirt
Early summer at the lake: The cold water does not attract any swimmers yet. Nadine is alone. Dressed in her jeans skirt, a white top and white jacket, she wants to find out how cold the water really is.
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update 2017-12-31
Jana and Cordula, DVD 2006a
Jana and Cordula use the large air mattress as a raft and cross the old Rhine to get to the bay of a small island. Being there, a small controversy started and it ends with both girls sitting in the water. That is the ideal opportunity for a funny fighting and finally a good fully clothed swim.
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update 2017-12-27
River Nahe
A beautiful summer day at river Nahe: Nicole walks on the suspension bridge to the ford to cross the river. After her skirt has been soaked, Nicole finds favour of the wet clothes and moves on to the stone beach to get into the water deeper!
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update 2017-12-23
Underwater Fun 1
Underwater Fun 1 is our first movie, which shows excluding underwater film sequences. Scenes from the DVD movies of Nicole, Sabrina, Sara and Nadine show how much fun you can have under the water surface. The video is available in this form only as cinema online film.
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