update 2018-04-22
Margarita, SVCD 2007c
Margarita has brought a sweet crocodile to the pool. Unfortunately already the first attempt to ride on this animal ends into the water! The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2007c and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2018-04-18
The lake in the forest
Nadine's trip to the lake in the forest is characterized by rainy weather. The sky is cloudy but it is quite warm. Looks like it doesn’t disturb, when during the bathing session it suddenly starts to rain.
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update 2018-04-15
Sabrina and Janette, DVD 2003b
Sabrina and Janette want to do a river tour on the large air mattress. No question that after a short time a little fighting starts and both girls end in the water. The large waterfall at the dam then offers excellent opportunities for both girls to have fun in the cool water of the river.
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update 2018-04-11
Fun in the bath tub
Alice has filled the bathtub with warm foamy water and gets in with all her clothes. She wears dark pants, blouse, sweater and a fleecy jacket and of course her shoes!
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update 2018-04-07
Nadine - River Mosel, SVCD 2006b
Nadine drives with the car through the Mosel valley. Her destination is the sand beach at the old monastery ruin, directly in relation of the "Calmont", the steepest and most well-known vineyard of Mosel. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2006b and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2018-04-03
Wet Jeans Girl
The summer day begins with sunshine, but the rain clouds have already started to transform the blue sky into dark grey. Heidi visits the lake area at the old Rhine and before the rain starts, she uses the opportunity to take a small bath in the shallow water of one of the lakes.
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update 2018-03-31
Marina - Lahn, DVD 2007b
Marina is on a photographic tour in the valley of river Lahn. In addition to the many sights she is also particularly interested in some good bathing sites on river Lahn. Found bathing sites must be tried immediately. So she gets directly into the water, has some good fun and then the journey needs to be continued in soaking wet clothes!
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update 2018-03-27
The island in river Rhine
Yve would like to reach the beach on the small island in the Rhine. It looks like there is no chance to reach this island without getting a little bit wet. If the boots are already full of water now, it could be a good fun to play a little bit in the wet sand of the beach. Later Yve’s clothes needs to get floated to wash all this sand out of it.
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