update 2018-10-23
Bathing day at river Rhein
Gloria has blown up her air mattress and goes in sweater, skirt and black leather boots to the stony beach on the Rhein. After a few steps in the water her boots fill up completely and the great fun of a fully clothed swim on the air mattress can start!
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update 2018-10-19
Steffi, SVCD 2008b
A quiet afternoon in the pool: Steffi enjoys her free time while swimming and bathing in the warm water of the private pool. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2008b and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2018-10-15
Adriana and Monika
It's late evening time at the pool. Adriana and Monika like to pose for some snapshots photos with two colourful swimming accessories. Clothed in jeans and shirts they test some different photo positions outside and inside the pool.
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update 2018-10-12
Martina, DVD 2004a
Martina is a shy and reserved girl. She walks very slowly into the pool and stops on half water level before she puts herself on the stages of the basin. After a while she lays down herself completely in the water. At the end she takes a warm shower in the shower room.
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update 2018-10-08
Not enough
"The small island in the river is a good place for a lonely bathing session. The low water level of the Rhein made it quite simply to reach the island. I would have had a chance to get a little bit wet on my trousers only. But this would be not enough to have the real fun."
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update 2018-10-04
Beate, DVD 2006-2007
Beate goes in the swimming pool, fully dressed with clothes and boots. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on DVD 2006-2007.
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update 2018-09-30
Nach dem Regen
Even after the heaviest rain, someday the sun comes back again. Steffi’s clothes are hardly dry again. Time to enjoy the much better weather now and take a walk into the lily pond!
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update 2018-09-27
Nahe valley, DVD Nadine 2005
In the Nahe valley, close to Oberhausen , the river is blocked by a stone barrier, which created a large lake on one side and a wild water passage on the other side of the dam. Nadine drives over the river on a big air mattress and she uses the wild water area at the stone barrier for an exciting play with the force of nature. Later the journey continues to drive through the historical bridge which is an impressive monument.
13 photos, 48 captures · 980x650, 460x345 · 3,7MB · © 2005download
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