update 2018-06-17
Ronja HD 2012a
The fountain complex in the city does not bubble today, but the filled basins invite to take a spontaneous bath. Ronja walks through all of the basins, lays down into the water and makes herself really wet in the fountain.
DivX · 20min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,3GBdownload
update 2018-06-14
Martina 10In the padding pool
DivX · 1280x720 · 76sec · 88MBdownload
update 2018-06-08
Anika 1Anika takes a bath in the fountain of the water playgound.
DivX · 1280x720 · 233sec · 271MBdownload
update 2018-06-05
Air mattress
In the late afternoon Linda goes with the air mattress for swimming to the pond close to the river.
119 photos · 1624x1080 · 31,7MB · © 2015download
update 2018-06-02
Angie 1On the water slide
DivX · 1280x720 · 87sec · 100MBdownload
update 2018-05-30
Melanie HD 2012b
Melanie has come home from work and wants to take a bath for relaxation. Dressed with her complete business outfit she gets spontaneously in the bathtub and enjoys her bubble bath with long soaking, hair washing and a final shower.
DivX · 22min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,5GBdownload
update 2018-05-27
Jessica 2Jessica enjoys her bathing in the pond.
DivX · 1280x720 · 69sec · 79MBdownload
update 2018-05-24
Venus, DVD 2009b
This muddy pond has everything you need for a little fun on a beautiful summer day: warm water and soft mud! Venus likes both and she enjoys to get really muddy and dirty and then clean herself in the warm water.
38 video captures · 980x550 · 3,2MB · © 2011download
update 2018-05-21
Marina 1Marina steps in full winter clothes in the basin of the spring!
DivX · 1280x720 · 122sec · 141MBdownload
update 2018-05-18
Floating Tire
Today, Yasmin has taken a floating tire to the beach at river Rhine. In the light of the evening sun she goes with clothes and tire into the water, for swimming, splashing and having fun.
98 photos · 1624x1080 · 25,2MB · © 2014download
update 2018-05-15
Anne 1Anne climps on the floating matress and drives out on the lake.
DivX · 1280x720 · 95sec · 110MBdownload
update 2018-05-12
Annina and Martina HD 2010a
Annina and Martina visit the lakes on the banks of the river. Their trip goes via the small island up to the lonely tree stump in the middle of the pond. Even for fully clothed girls, this stump can be visited only by good swimming and soaking yourself from head to toe.
DivX · 26min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,7GBdownload
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