update 2018-09-21
Agnes und Antonia, DVD 2009a
Agnes lets take photos of herself by Antonia. The photo location is the pool area. The two girls try out different poses and Antonia presents her model proudly the results on the camera. However, Agnes is not really impressed by the pictures and throws the camera abruptly into the water! Antonia has to jump in quickly to save the camera out of the water. Now for both girls starts the wet part of their swimming pool visit!
22 photos, 66 video captures · 1624x1080, 980x550 · 7,4MB · © 2012download
update 2018-09-18
Jaqueline 3Jaqueline has to step into the cold water of the swimming pond.
DivX · 1280x720 · 91sec · 106MBdownload
update 2018-09-15
Suraja comes out of the cold and decides to take a pleasant bath to warm up again. Wearing her jeans, boots and leatherjacket she places herself relaxed into the bathtub to soak her clothes and have a good time in the warm water.
188 photos · 1624x1080 · 38,9MB · © 2016download
update 2018-09-12
Angie 8Shower in the bathtub
DivX · 1280x720 · 66sec · 76MBdownload
update 2018-09-09
Martina HD 2009a
Martina has placed the padding pool on the terrace and filled it with warm water and bath foam. With boots and all clothes she enjoys a fantastic bathing session in the foamy water, not getting out before everything is completely soaked!
DivX · 12min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 791MBdownload
update 2018-09-06
Annina 5Fun in the river
DivX · 1280x720 · 88sec · 102MBdownload
update 2018-08-31
Christina 1Christina jumps into the pool, swims a little bit and climbs completely soaked out of the water.
DivX · 1280x720 · 132sec · 148MBdownload
update 2018-08-28
Annina, DVD 2010b
All video captures come of the movies from DVD 2010b
66 photos, 54 video captures · 1624x1080, 980x550 · 25,7MB · © 2014download
update 2018-08-25
Annina 6In the fountain of the brewery
DivX · 1280x720 · 134sec · 156MBdownload
update 2018-08-22
Mill dam
Aimee visits the mill dam at the river. With black tight dress, black socks and shoes, she walks along the flooded dam to the wild water zone in the middle of the dam. That’s the perfect position to enjoy a fully clothed swim.
214 photos · 1624x1080 · 48,1MB · © 2016download
update 2018-08-19
July and Lilly 1Lilly is pulled into the padding pool!
DivX · 1280x720 · 99sec · 116MBdownload
update 2018-08-16
Ina HD 2008a
Ina has filled the bath tub. She really likes to enjoy her bathing session, a little exciting and relaxing at the same time. For this, she has no problem to get in the tub completely dressed, with boots and all clothes! Into the water, she celebrates her bathing fun with lots of self stroking, hair washing and with the shower soaking each piece of clothing.
DivX · 23min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,56GBdownload
update 2018-08-13
Lisette 4Lisette lies down in the water.
DivX · 1280x720 · 105sec · 121MBdownload
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