update 2018-03-16
Jaqueline 4Jaqueline enjoys the shallow water at the beach.
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update 2018-03-13
Emely HD 2012a
The outdoor pool season has begun! Emely visits the pool area together with her cute teddy bear and both are the first and initially only guests on this first bathing day. No problem for Emely to take the chance to go fully clothed into the water hand have some good swimming and splashing fun in all her clothes.
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update 2018-03-10
Anika 1Canoe trip with bathing session
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update 2018-03-07
In the City
The summer day is sunny and warm. Jessica finds in the city a beautiful water playground with changing fountains. A great way to cool down and have fun!
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update 2018-03-04
July and Lily 2July and Lily have some good fun in the bathtub!
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update 2018-03-01
Martina, DVD 2010b
All video captures come of the movies from DVD 2010b
15 photos, 75 video captures · 1624x1080, 980x550 · 6,6MB · © 2012download
update 2018-02-26
Natalie 5The first steps into the pool
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update 2018-02-23
Hot shower
Nadine treats herself a fully clothed hot shower. With boots, jeans, white blouse and jacked she washes and lathers up everything and she doesn’t stop before it is all really clean again.
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update 2018-02-20
Emely 1Emely gets into the basin of the spa to take a swim.
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update 2018-02-17
Annina HD 2010a
The beach in front of the Mosel Calmont is a real wetlook bathing paradise. Annina explores the shallow water between the stones first, before she slowly dips into the deeper areas at the sandy beach. By this she gets watched by the skippers, which control the large cargo ships only a few meters away from the beach through the narrow curves of Mosel.
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update 2018-02-14
Steffi 1Steffi in the water at the dam
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update 2018-02-11
Evening hours
Just before sunset, Suraja sneaks back to the indoor pool. It is best time to take a cozy bath in her white summer dress, getting the light changed slowly from sunshine to spotlight.
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update 2018-02-08
Felicia 1Felicia sits fully clothed in the bathtub and washes her long hair.
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update 2018-02-05
Hot shower
Iris treats herself a fully clothed hot shower. With shoes, white pants, white top and black blazer, she wets amd washes everything and she doesn't stop before it is all really clean again.
122 photos · 1624x1080 · 11,2MB · © 2013download