update 2018-04-24
Pool fun
The indoor pool has no guests today and Agnes takes the opportunity for a little fully clothed fun. With jeans, sweater and socks she goes into the warm water and enjoys to swim and splash around.
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update 2018-04-21
Maria and Aline 2Jump into the pool
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update 2018-04-18
Christina HD 2009b
The river is in flood and Cristina discovers that the trail is flooded too. Of course this can not stop her to continue her tour and she passes comfortably through the water until it becomes so deep that swimming is the only way to get through.
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update 2018-04-15
Angie 3In the waterfall
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update 2018-04-12
In summer, the beach is well attended. Vanessa doesn’t bothers about the other bathers and goes with complete clothes into the water, just for the pure pleasure.
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update 2018-04-09
Steffi 1Steffi at the dam of the mill in Reborn
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update 2018-04-06
At the fountain
The fountain in the city constantly changes its shape so that the game with the water doesn’t get boring. Angie loves especially the surprise when the large fountain alternates into a set of smaller water streams and she suddenly gets splashed at a completely different place than just before.
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update 2018-04-03
Jacky 1Jacky has fun in the waterfall at the dam.
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update 2018-03-31
Nici and Claudia HD 2008b
Nici bets with Claudia, that she could jump in the indoor pool on the air mattress without getting wet. The project succeeds and now Claudia has to fulfil her lost bet. She must step fully clothed into the water! Inside she tries consistently to pull Nici off the mattress to get her completely soaked too. This succeeds too and now the girls can play and splash together in the pool and have a lot of fun in their completely soaked clothes.
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update 2018-03-28
Olga 1Olga enjoys the summer day at the lake.
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update 2018-03-25
Annina and Martina, The River
Annina and Martina sit in the pool room to have a discussion. Because Annina does not get the understanding she wishes, she jumps spontaneously in the pool to cool off. Martina follows in solidarity and in the warm water of the swimming basin the mood changes quickly back to happy again.
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update 2018-03-22
Annina 8Swimming and diving in the river
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update 2018-03-19
At the mill
Regina walks through the mill stream between big stones and through nice water pools to the edge of the weir. After those flat sections in the stream, now here she has the chance to swim and bathe in the deep water of the mill pond.
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update 2018-03-16
Jaqueline 4Jaqueline enjoys the shallow water at the beach.
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