update 2018-01-18
Directly opposite the Calmont you will find a beautiful small beach on Moselle. Jana comes here late afternoon when no one else is here anymore. A good opportunity for a fully clothed bath in Moselle.
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update 2018-01-15
Christina 7Christina jumps into the water and enjoys her fully clothed swim.
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update 2018-01-12
Linda HD 2012a
Linda uses the walk along the river for a short relaxing swim. Wearing her white jacket she steps slowly into the water, swims around and has a lot of fun.
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update 2018-01-09
Sarah 2Fun in the padding pool
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update 2018-01-06
At the fountain
In good weather, the fountain in the city park is always used for bathing. Viktoria first tests the small basins and then changes to a bathing place right next to the fountain.
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update 2018-01-03
July and Lily 1July and Lily try to cross the river on an air mattress.
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update 2017-12-31
Annina and Martina, DVD 2010a
All video captures come of the movies from DVD 2010a
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update 2017-12-28
Swetlana 2Jumping in the pool
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update 2017-12-25
After the swimming, Beate enjoys a fully clothed shower. The mini picture set was taken after the filming of Beate's pool movie.
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update 2017-12-22
Ronja 1Ronja relaxes in the basin of the fountain.
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update 2017-12-19
Agnieszka HD 2008b
And again, our indoor swimming pool offers the opportunity for a little fun, fully clothed in the water. Agnieszka wears jeans and a white shirt. She walks slowly down the steps into the pool to splash around, to swim and to stretch herself comfortable on the stairs.
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update 2017-12-16
Natalie 2Shower in the bathtub
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update 2017-12-13
Rhine valley
Karolina visits the Rhine valley again and walks over the stone dam along the river. Next to the dam the water is not deep and Karolina tries a bit to walk with her boots in the water. Of course, this invites to test the deeper areas too, still fully clothed.
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update 2017-12-10
Suraja 1Suraja has fun swimming and splashing in the pool.
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