update 2018-07-14
Jana 2With jacket, skirt and boots in the river
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update 2018-07-11
Lydia HD 2008b
Lydia visits the beach on the Rhine. After a few steps along the riverfront, she goes with jeans and shoes into the deeper water and just sits down inside. Here starts a playful game, which brings Lydia always a little bit deeper in and finally she lies down fully dressed in the water.
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update 2018-07-08
Venus 2Swimming in the mud
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update 2018-07-05
Meisenheim is known for its beautiful medieval old town, which also includes a mill with a large weir on the passing river Glan. Melanie visits the old town and the mill and is interested in looking at the weir a bit more closely.
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update 2018-07-02
Janice 1Janice relaxes on the air matress in the pool.
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update 2018-06-26
Swetlana 3Swetlana in the shower
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update 2018-06-23
Angnes and Antonia
Agnes and Antonia go together in the pool, spontaneously and fully clothed. The snapshot picture set has been made on the first meeting in the indoor pool, as Agnes and Antonia wanted to try the clothed swimming first time.
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update 2018-06-20
Jacky 3In the flow of the river
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update 2018-06-17
Ronja HD 2012a
The fountain complex in the city does not bubble today, but the filled basins invite to take a spontaneous bath. Ronja walks through all of the basins, lays down into the water and makes herself really wet in the fountain.
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update 2018-06-14
Martina 10In the padding pool
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update 2018-06-08
Anika 1Anika takes a bath in the fountain of the water playgound.
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update 2018-06-05
Air mattress
In the late afternoon Linda goes with the air mattress for swimming to the pond close to the river.
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