update 2018-10-22
The color purple
Black and purple are the dominant colors of the fourth photo set of Verena. The shallow water of the ponds close to the River is useful to test the black clothes and purple boots for a swim. Verena goes into the water and there she has a lot of fun.
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update 2018-10-18
Martina 5Fun in the padding pool
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update 2018-10-15
Annina HD The River
The tub has already been filled, when Annina enters the bathroom to arrange her hair and clothes to get fully dressed into the water of the bathtub. But the comfortable bathing session gets interrupted, when she is underwater so much distracted by a daydream, that she almost drowns in the tub!
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update 2018-10-12
Isabella 1Isabella starts her walk through the creek to the mill-dam.
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update 2018-10-09
River Nahe
A beautiful summer day at river Nahe: Nicole walks on the suspension bridge to the ford to cross the river. After her skirt has been soaked, Nicole finds favour of the wet clothes and moves on to the stone beach to get into the water deeper!
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update 2018-10-06
Daniela 1Daniela goes swimming, fully dressed and still wearing her winter jacket.
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update 2018-10-03
Royal blue
Bettina wears jeans and boots and a royal blue sweater on a black top. She takes the opportunity of the sunny day to do a trip to the mill pond, where she gets wet feet very quickly. Sitting on the edge of the weir, she then slowly lowers her legs into the water until the wet stuff makes it possible to do a nice walk in the millpond.
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update 2018-09-30
Steffi 2Steffi in the water at the dam.
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update 2018-09-27
Sarah and Vany HD 2011a
The dam between the Rhine islands is flooded. Sarah and Vany must walk through the water. After shoes and pants are still wet, Vany suddenly stops and sits down in the water. Now Sarah can’t hang back, she sits in the water too and then rolls into the river, until she has to begin to swim in full clothes.
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update 2018-09-24
Annina 7Annina in river Mosel
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update 2018-09-21
Agnes und Antonia, DVD 2009a
Agnes lets take photos of herself by Antonia. The photo location is the pool area. The two girls try out different poses and Antonia presents her model proudly the results on the camera. However, Agnes is not really impressed by the pictures and throws the camera abruptly into the water! Antonia has to jump in quickly to save the camera out of the water. Now for both girls starts the wet part of their swimming pool visit!
22 photos, 66 video captures · 1624x1080, 980x550 · 7,4MB · © 2012download
update 2018-09-18
Jaqueline 3Jaqueline has to step into the cold water of the swimming pond.
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update 2018-09-15
Suraja comes out of the cold and decides to take a pleasant bath to warm up again. Wearing her jeans, boots and leatherjacket she places herself relaxed into the bathtub to soak her clothes and have a good time in the warm water.
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update 2018-09-12
Angie 8Shower in the bathtub
DivX · 1280x720 · 66sec · 76MBdownload
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